Albendazole IP 400mg

  • Raspberry Flavoured chewable tablets
  • Exerts decisive vermicidal, ovicidal and larvicidal action
  • Convenient single dose therapy ensures total patient compliance
  • Single dose stops formation of the cytoplasmic microtubules which blocks uptake of glucose thereby kills


  • Roundworms (Ascaris Lumbricoides)
  • Whipworms (Trichuris trichiura)
  • Hookworms (Ancylostoma duodenale)
  • Pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis)


Iron and Calcium tablets

  • 1% haemoglobin rise per day
  • Well-tolerated, free from GI disturbances like diarrhoea or constipation
  • New face of protection for Anaemic patients
  • Dose:Twice daily after meals


  • Nutritional deficiency anaemia
  • Megaloblastic anaemia
  • Anaemia of Pregnancy
  • Dimorphic Anaemia
  • Post partum anaemia
  • Post operative anaemia


Paracetamol, Phenylephrine, CPM, Caffeine

  • Incase of Common cold, Fever, Rhinorrhea
  • CPM-Anti Allergic
  • Phenylepherine-Decongestant
  • Paracetamol-Analgesic


Azithromycin 500mg

  • Covers both Gram +ve, Gram -ve atypical bacteria
  • Once daily (T1/2 of > 50 hr.)
  • Shows reliable cure rate in various infections
  • Enables full purchase, ensures treatment completion
  • Prevents dosage dropouts
  • Provides faster resolution of symptoms
  • Excellent efficacy


Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbate

  • The high concentration of vitamin C builds body resistance and helps to fight cold and recurring respiratory tract infections
  • Potent anti-oxidants protects body proteins and cell structure against free radicles
  • Enhances iron absorption and gives desired Hb rise
  • Controls oxidative stress in diabetics
  • Protects against capilary fragility in haemorrhagic conditions like Scurvy
  • Offers protection against cardio vascular disorders by ensuring desired vasodilatation
  • Dose:1-2 tablets daily


Nimesulide and Paracetamol

  • Selectively inhibits the formation of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins
  • Prevents cartilage damage
  • Inhibits histamin release from mast cells and stops the process of inflammation
  • Selective Cox 2 inhibitor protects gastric mucosa, against ulceration
  • 1 tablet 2 times daily


  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteo Arthritis
  • Low back pain
  • Ankylosing Spondilitis
  • Painful inflammatory conditions in
  • Degenerative Joint Disorders
  • Acute musculo Skeletal disorders
  • Tendenitis
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Post operative pain

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