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Makjai Group Implements SAP for bettering all Processes from start to finish.

One of the industries that has witnessed a lot of growth in terms of research and development is the Pharmaceutical Industry. But from time to time, this industry has faced innumerable challenges such as highly fragmented Inventory Management and distribution network, lack of advanced infrastructure and high levels of operational cost during manufacturing as well as distribution.
This industry needs practical and affordable methods for dealing with these various Internal Industry challenges.
The question that immediately surfaces here is: How can you achieve this?
Implement SAP Solutions.
Implementation of SAP software system has aided Makjai deliver distinct solution for production of drugs in an automated approach right from Inventory Management to Production. Economy management of pharmaceuticals has been effectively done through integrated software package. Business entities from finance, accounting, Material Management, production to sales are taken care under single structure.
We are now able to manage raw materials in a distinct way that monitors its availability accurately so as to carry out production process consistently. Procurement of materials on demand is handled accurately with receipts. Reports on quality are updated frequently in centralised system so that various department people can view its status to deliver high quality drugs.
With the implementation of SAP we now get customised reports for every aspects like financial accounts, purchase, sales, warehouse, production status, etc on real time.

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