Makjai Group is an Indian pharmaceutical conglomerate having a global footprint. Our strengths lie in research, manufacturing and marketing of finished dosage pharmaceutical formulations.
Makjai’s competitive advantage stems from its Hi Tech manufacturing facilities. We have established technically sound best manufacturing facilities by leveraging state-of-the-art technology, incorporating best practices and adhering to stringent regulatory compliances. Our plants are approved by prestigious WHO and GMP accreditation.
The Company today is an emerging pharmaceutical company. Global customers count on Makjai for products of consistent quality, GMP compliance, on-time deliveries, world-class manufacturing procedures and cost efficiency.
Established in 1992, Makjai Laboratories began its activities with Contract Manufacturing to Multinational companies across the globe. Our core competency lies in the field of Contract Manufacturing and we have been dedicatedly providing our services to Major MNCs on Loan License and P2P basis.
We are a one-stop source for all the medicines from tablets to liquid orals to alcohol based medical products. The Company also has to its credit a long range of own branded products in the domestic Indian Market and is looking to quickly expand in the Global Market.
Our Entity Makjai Laboratories (ML) has alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquid manufacturing sections. Here we have a capacity to manufacture 50000 bottles per 10 hour shift. Our second Liquid Orals Line has a Production capacity of 7.0 lacs Bottles per Shift. Here the Batch Size is 1500 Liters. We can manufacture 3 Batches of Liquid Orals per Shift.
Makjai Laboratories (ML) has obtained the quota for Codeine Phosphate from Narcotics Commissioner Gwalior for the product Makdoc Syrup (Codeine Phosphate Syrup) and we are interested in the manufacturing of this product for interested parties on agreement for Loan License Basis.
At Makjai Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (MLPL) we can manufacture 1.80 Lac Blisters and Fifty thousand PET bottles in 10 hour shift. Our Batch Size for Tablets is 700kg and for Liquids is 5000(5KL) Litres. We granulate 3.0 batches of 700kg ie 2100 kg and 10000 Liters of Liquids per shift.
We at Makjai would be honored to be your partners in the manufacturing of your formulations with equal passion, zeal and commitment. We are sure we can rise above your expectation and satisfaction in a given time frame.


  • Demineralization Water Plant and Reverse Osmosis + ElectroDeionosation System plant of 3 KL /hr capacity with a 5 micron filter and UV lamp with 254 and 185 nm wavelength. with a Distribution Loop in SS 316L MOC.
  • The purified water is kept under constant circulation at 1.2 to 1.5 velocity and with SS storage tank of 1250 L The purified water passes the USP specifications. The water system is governed by SOPs


  • Dispensing of raw materials processed under Reverse laminar flow unit with Class 100 Air Quality with background Quality Air of Class 1 lac.
  • Separate HVAC and Air Handling Units are provided for all the Manufacturing & Production departments like Granulation, Blending, individual compression rooms ,coating rooms,Liquid Manufacturing area, Filling Zones, Dispensing zones, ensuring Zero-Cross Contamination with 100,000 class air ensuring the absolute product purity with in built Pressure Differentials monitoring Systems.
  • All manufacturing and primary packing areas are provided with classified air to comply with particles equal to and greater than .3 microns. The secondary packaging area and connecting corridors are provided with forced draft ventilation system with 3 micron filtered air.


  • Well equipped Quality Control laboratory with modular furniture including H.P.L.C, Gas Chromatography, spectrophotometer and FTIR infrared spectroscopy, Tablet Dissolution Apparatus, Tap density tester, miscellaneous equipments along Wet Chemistry Section, a seperate Microbiology section with Seperate Air lock system with class 1 lac Air Quality & monitored by a Pressure Differential Systems and LAF table with zero count and other relevant instruments to work under one roof.


  • Alternative power generation system for uninterrupted power supply for production.
  • The plant is closed close type RCC constructed to prevent entry of insects, pests, birds, vermin and rodents.
  • Liquid Orals Department:- Manufacturing area located on the 2 nd floor is well equipped with 3 nos of 5KLJacketted Tanks interconnected with the SS 316L Pipelines for the transfer of the liquid via online homogeniser & final sifting process. From the storage tank the liquid is directly fed to the Filling & Sealing machine via the SS 316L Pipelines for further filling , PET Bottles Linear washing section & Labelling section which labels the filled & sealed bottles , then finally packed in to the shippers & finally the shippers are taped automatically over the Tapping machine.
  • The shipper's cartons are weighed on calibrated balance machine.
  • In Solid Dosage Area in the Tablet manufacturing section, we have the RMG with 600 L capacity bowl matching the capacity of the Fluidized Bed Dryer. Further the dried granules are checked for the LOD & finally transfered to the FBD Bowl tilting device with Gans Mill attached to the 1000 Litre Blender which mills the granules down to 2.5 micron size upon the addition of the flavour. After the milling operations, Lubrication is done by the addition of Lubricating agents.
  • Finally the granules are fed to the high speed Compression machine via the Docking zone. Once the granules are compressed in to tablets of the desired size & shape with hardness, thickness & ensured friability, these tablets are transfered to the Gans coater 48 inches with 132 kg capacity(in case of coated tablets) & finally to the Blister Packing machine . These Blisters are finally checked & filled in to the cartons & filled in to the shippers & weighed on the calibrated weighing balance

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