MAKJAI Group, a professionally managed, pharmaceutical conglomerate is a leading player in drug formulation industry in India. The group started with Makjai Laboratories in 1994 and then expanded https://sigmaessays.com/national-honor-society-essay/https://sigmaessays.com/national-honor-society-essay by promoting a Flagship Company known as Makjai Laboratories Private Limited. A brief look at the major milestones accomplished by the group since its inception :
  • 1994-95

    The group commenced its manufacturing undertaking job work as contract manufacturing from Burroughs Wellcome (I) Ltd for a single product Piperazine Citrate Syrup.

  • 1997

    After the merger of Burroughs Wellcome with Glaxo U.K at the International level Glaxo (I) Limited off-loaded their two products viz. Piriton Expectorant and Complex B Liquid. With this BWIL also off-loaded two more products to the group viz. Banocide syrup and Banocide Paed. Syrup.

  • 1998-99

    The company undertook an expansion project, it replaced the two head-filling machines with a six head-filling machine of 6000 LPD capacity expanding its manufacturing tanks from 1kl manufacturing set up to 3kl manufacturing set up and set up an infrastructure (Air handling system, water purification system etc.) of international standards.

  • 2004

    The World known American Pharmaceutical Company M/s Pfizer Ltd joined Makjai. The World Health Organization (WHO) accredited the facility for Pfizer’s Products in the year 2005. The products Acrredited with WHO-CGMP are Gelusil MPS Liquid, Gelusil MPS Chewable Tablets, Waterburys Compound, Cool Mint Listerine & Listerine Mouth wash.

  • 2005

    The World Health Organization (WHO) accredited the facility for Pfizer’s Products. The same year Indian Giant Pharmaceutical Company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories joined Makjai.

  • 2007

    Looking further at the maintained Quality level, one more feather in the Cap of Makjai – “ Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceutical Limited, Germany” also shaked Golden hands.

  • 2008

    Expanding further, by earmarking the company profile in the era of the Contract Manufacturing business, Makjai took a giant leap in its own Marketing set-up. A basket of 11 Products were launched in the niche market. In the same year Pfizer sold its Consumer Business to J & J World wide. Two of their products CoolMint Listerine & Listerine Mouthwash were continued at the Makjai facility by upgrading on Third Party Profiling.

The group has so far catered to the needs of Indian companies of repute and Multi National Corporations (MNCs) operating in India. The group how to write dialogue in an application essay has now set its eyes towards the world market and has planned a world class facility in Kolhapur , Maharashtra.

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