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Makjai Group of Companies is an integrated and an emerging global pharmaceutical company, producing a wide range of quality affordable medicines which is trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies.
The Group came into being with the sole purpose to develop and successfully market innovative products to cure diseases, ease suffering and to enhance the quality of human life. We have been recognized for having a positive effect on people’s lives with our products, for meeting needs, and even surpassing external expectations.
The team Makjai is headed by an able Management under the Agile Leadership of Mr. Mohan Mulherkar, Chairman & Managing Director, experienced managers, and has a staff of over 50 well-qualified technical personnel and 150 workmen.Makjai is committed to developing new and effective healthcare solutions. The values on which the group was founded have always inspired growth and will continue to do so in times to come.
The Company today is an emerging global pharmaceutical company. Global customers count on Makjai for products of consistent quality, GMP compliance, on-time deliveries, world-class manufacturing procedures and cost efficiency.
We are a one-stop source for all the medicines from tablets to generic liquid orals to alcohol based external liquid orals. Established in 1992, Makjai began its activities with Contract Manufacturing to Multinational companies across the globe.
Makjai Group of Companies comprises of Makjai Laboratories (ML), established in 1994 and Makjai Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (MLPL) established in 2004, at Gokul Shirgaon MIDC, Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Both facilities are professionally managed, WHO GMP accredited and registered with GMSD, Mumbai. Makjai Pharmaceutical Limited is our dream Project of tomorrow with USFDA accreditation it’s infra structure is under development.
Since inception we have mainly been contract manufacturers for the MNCs. Along with this we have ventured with our own Branded Product manufacturing for Domestic, Institutional and Exports markets.
ML has alcoholic and non alcoholic liquid oral sections and we manufacture Waterbury’s Compound with Guaicol & Creosote and alcoholic Mouthwashes. Here we manufacture 50000 bottles per day. Presently we have about 50 % spare capacity. ML has obtained the quota for Codeine Phosphate from Narcotics Commissioner Gwalior for the product Makdoc Syrup and interested the manufacturing this product on P2P basis for interested parties. ML is registered with Pharmexcil.
At MLPL we manufacture Antacid Tablets and Liquid for a leading Pharmaceutical Major for whole of the country. Here we manufacture two lakh blister strips, forty thousand alu strips and Sixty thousand bottles, per day, here too we have about 50 % spare capacity. Presently about 24 products brands are ready for Marketing, others are in pipe line. We also cater to one time bulk requirements of the customers for domestic as well as export markets. The Products are of IP and BP range.
The Quality Laboratories are equipped with the latest instrumentation all dedicated to delivering highest possible levels of customer satisfaction. The entire Plants are built as per WHO guidelines. Makjai Group prides itself on its state-of-the-art infrastructure. It has quite long expanded its capacity through newly installed HVAC Systems, Air Handling Units, Demineralization Water, RO and EDI Purified water generation systems along with the distribution Loop conforming to WHO Standards.
Makjai Group of Companies has its Pharmaceutical Operations and Corporate Finance office at Gokul Shirgaon M.I.D.C.(D-33 and D 40), Kolhapur. With an eye on the future, Makjai Group is setting up a 100% EOU to venture into the global market with mega expansions. The 3rd state of the art plant would be juxtaposed to the earlier two existing plants, at MIDC Gokul Shirgaon. The new plant will be Built up in 4 Towers and individually will be approved by USFDA, EUGMP, UKMHRA, AUSTGA Regulatory authorities. We welcome large Pharmaceutical Companies who wants to export Products from our Facility. We also welcome prospective Investors in this new venture.
The Company also has to its basket of credit a long range of own branded products in the domestic Indian Market and is looking to quickly expand in the Global Market.It will have the facilities to dedicatedly manufacture  Liquid Orals dosages forms, Alcoholic Liquids external  dosages forms, solid dosage form from tablets – Plain Uncoated, multilayered, film coated , sugar coated, Enteric coated, time release, extended release tablets, soluble tablets, effovvesant tablets, sublingual tablets, Dispersible tablets and  Capsules ranging from Hard Gelatin capsules to  Soft Gelatin capsules and Pellets.
The Group also has plans to venture into Aviation and Hospitality Industry and has already registered a Company called Makjai Airlines and Makveen Enterprises which will have a specialized unit at Shiroli MIDC, Kolhapur.

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